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Debates on the centrality of work

Social Reproduction: Feminist Political Economy Challenges Neo-Liberalism

by Bezanson, Kate; Luxton, Meg (2006)


Introduction: Social reproduction and feminist political economy /​ Kate Bezanson, Meg Luxton Feminist political economy in Canada and the politics of social reproduction /​ Meg Luxton Social reproduction and Canadian federalism /​ Barbara Cameron Whose social reproduction? Transnational motherhood and challenges to feminist political economy /​ Sedef Arat-Koc Bargaining for collective responsibility for social reproduction /​ Alice de Wolff Privatization : a strategy for eliminating pay equity in health care /​ Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Marcy Cohen Crisis tendencies in social reproduction : the case of Ontario's early years plan /​ Leah F. Vosko The neo-liberal state and social reproduction : gender and household insecurity in the late 1990s /​ Kate Bezanson Someone to watch over you : gender, class, and social reproduction /​ Susan Braedley Motherhood as a class act : the many ways in which 'intensive mothering' is entangled with social class /​ Bonnie Fox Friends, neighbours, and community : a case study of the role of informal caregiving in social reproduction /​ Meg Luxton.

Key Passage

"Social reproduction, when valued by the market, is gendered, often racialized, and poorly remunerated. Where states no longer provided support and where purchasing services on the market was not feasible, the burden of providing additional care and work fell onto families, especially women. In Ontario under the Conservatives (1995-2003), this familializing and individualizing thrust was underlined by a rhetoric about family values and a nostalgic idealization of motherhood and community. As material supports for communities and families were cut, this family ideology blamed families--and mothers in particular--for failing to take responsibility for their members." p. 6 ()


Feminism, Feminist Economics, Social Reproduction, Canada, Pay Equity, Neoliberalism, Household Work, Caregiving


Fordism, Social Centrality of Work, Social Reproduction, Feminist Critiques of Work Centrality, Feminist Arguments on Work Centrality, Mothering Work, Care Work

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