For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Post-work society as an oxymoron: Why we cannot, and should not, wish work away"

by Deranty, Jean-Philippe (2021)


In recent years, theorists have contended that we should move to a mode of social organisation where work and the values attached to it are no longer central, a ?post-work society?. For these theorists, the modern ideology of work is intrinsically unjust, even irrational and no longer suited to the challenges of our time. The article presents an alternative response to the problems of work and employment. Rather than moving to a ?post-work? society, the article argues that we should transform the world of work, precisely by keeping in view why working is important to individuals and the community. In fact, it is not realistic to believe that human societies could ever do without work. Because human societies are by necessity work societies, and work, if organised correctly, entails many goods, we cannot really, and we should not, wish work away.


Deranty, Post-Work, Post-Work Society, Social Organisation, Social Theory, Employment, Work Society, Work Centrality, The Value Of Work


Future of Work, Employment, Concepts of Work, Centrality of Work

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