For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Pathologies of Work"

by Jaeggi, Rahel (2017)


Considering “pathologies of work” in the context of a historico-normative reconstruction of the meaning of work as social cooperation, the paper intends to establish a connection between a number of different problems. These include the continued existence of exploitation and alienation as well as the precariousness of work and long-term unemployment. Borrowing a phrase from Hegel, work is conceived as “sharing, participating or partaking in the universal resources of society,” where “resources” include wealth as well as competencies. The above-mentioned pathologies of work can then be understood as different ways of refusing or preventing participation in these “universal resources.”

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Meaningful Work, Alienation, Precariousness, Social Cooperation, Sociology, Gendered Work, Monotonization, Marxism, Casualization, Vulnerability, Alienation, Adam Smith, Hegel, Fordism


Exploitation, Bullshit Jobs, Acceleration, Pathologies of Work, Meaningful Work, Unemployment, Critical Theory of Work, Concepts of Work, Fordism, Capitalism

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