For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"When Work Is Slavery"

by Boris, Eileen (1998)

Key Passage

'At a time when organized feminism concentrated on the Equal Rights Amendment, welfare activists insisted on their right to the resources necessary to mother. They demanded, as a New Jersey activist put it, "help in the areas of emergency food, furniture, moving monies, or help with other normal problems confronting Welfare families, given their inadequate income and circumstances." She exclaimed: "We are not unfit mothers, but neither are we magicians; we do not get adequate monies or supportive services to begin with, in order to have a budget at all."' p. 37 ()


American Context, Slavery, Domination, Social Welfare, Trade Union, Feminism, Organized Labor, Household Work, Motherwork, Domestic Work, Carework


Work Ethic, Women and Work, Slavery, Exploitation, Domination, Mothering, Care Work

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