For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

Feminist Politics and Human Nature

by Jaggar, Alison M (1983)



Key Passage

By obscuring women's oppression, Marxist theory provides a rationale for its perpetuation. The biologistic conception of procreation legitimates women's continuing responsibility for procreative labor. This responsibility, in turn, hinders women's full participation in nonprocreative labor and legitimates sexsegregation in that sphere. At the same time, the biologistic conception of procreation leads to the devaluation of procreative labor: women's work may be socially necessary, but it is not fully historical and hence not fully human work. (p.78)


Feminism, Gender Theory, Critical Theory, Women And Work, Discrimination, Liberal Feminism


Social Reproduction, Domestic Labour, Women and Work, Marx, Feminism

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