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"The Future of Work in a Jobless Society: Globalization, Smart Digitalization, and Cognitive Automation"

by Dijmărescu, Irina; Ionescu, Luminița (2021)


Research background: The future of work is undoubtedly one of the toughest challenges faced by many researchers and managers all over the word. The new era in digital globalization and smart digitalization, the trends in robotization and artificial intelligence have changed the labour market. Due to accelerated technology, many companies are ready to adopt digital solutions, stationary robots and drones with significant consequences over the declining jobs. The new human-machine frontier will determine a different outlook work in a jobless society, where many roles become automated, while human’s role in these processes is minimized. Purpose of the article: In our opinion, globalization and impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work will be significant. In this paper we try to analyse and clarify the issues in question in terms of smart digitalization, cognitive automation, human-machine frontier and changing employment types. The data used for this research was obtained from previous study conducted by World Bank and OECD. Methods: In order to fulfil our goal, we apply the methods of comparison, analysis, deduction and our estimates for identifying the trends that are shaping the future of jobs and the evolution of jobs caused by technological change. Findings & Value added: In the near future, innovation will continue to accelerate and many artisan jobs are being lost to computerization and office automation. Finally, we formulate our own conclusion and view about digitalization and opportunities to create new jobs, increase productivity, and cost reduction, through innovation and accelerating change.


Future Of Work, Artificial Intelligence, Ai, Digital Transformation, Technology, Employment Predictions, Fourth Industrial Revolution


Technology, Future of Work, Automation

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