For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Inhuman power: artificial intelligence and the future of capitalism, digital barricades: Interventions in digital culture and politics"

by Justie, Brian (2020)


A slim excerpt buried within the hefty Grundrisse, Karl Marx's posthumously published collection of working notes, has elicited an outsized influence amidst the communist philosopher's otherwise towering oeuvre. Indeed,'The Fragment on Machines,'widely taken up over the past several decades as a prophetic document, has hailed into existence several distinct strands of technologically-informed leftist critique (Marx, 1993, pp. 690–711). Foremost among them, the autonomists, notable for theorizing the advent of so-called …


Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Machine Learning, Capitalism, Digital Culture, Political Theory


Capitalism, Automation

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