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"Artificial intelligence in drug development: present status and future prospects"

by Mak, Kit-Kay; Pichika, Mallikarjuna Rao (2019)


Artificial intelligence (AI) uses personified knowledge and learns from the solutions it produces to address not only specific but also complex problems. Remarkable improvements in computational power coupled with advancements in AI technology could be utilised to revolutionise the drug development process. At present, the pharmaceutical industry is facing challenges in sustaining their drug development programmes because of increased R&D costs and reduced efficiency. In this review, we discuss the major causes of attrition rates in new drug approvals, the possible ways that AI can improve the efficiency of the drug development process and collaboration of pharmaceutical industry giants with AI-powered drug discovery firms.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Drug Discovery, Robot Workers, Pharma


Science and Work, AI and Medicine, Automation

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