For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

Marxism and Feminism

by Mojab, Shahrzad (2015)


Global events, from economic crisis to social unrest and militarization, disproportionately affect women. Yet around the world it is also women who are leading the struggle against oppression and exploitation. In light of renewed interest in Marxist theory among many women activists and academics, Marxism and Feminism presents a contemporary and accessible Marxist–feminist analysis on a host of issues. It reassesses previous debates and seeks to answer pressing questions of how we should understand the relationship between patriarchy and capitalism, and how we can envision a feminist project which emancipates both women and society.With contributions from both renowned scholars and new voices, Marxism and Feminism is set to become the foundational text for modern Marxist-feminist thought.


Feminism, Feminist Theory, Marxism, Political Economy, Women'S Work, Female Labour, Gendered Labour, Exploitation, Marxist-Feminist Analysis, Capitalism, Patriarchy


Social Reproduction, Women and Work, Sociology of Work, Marx

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