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"Working with Machines: The Impact of Algorithmic and Data-Driven Management on Human Workers"

by Lee, Min Kyung; Kusbit, Daniel; Metsky, Evan; Dabbish, Laura (2015)


Software algorithms are changing how people work in an ever-growing number of fields, managing distributed human workers at a large scale. In these work settings, human jobs are assigned, optimized, and evaluated through algorithms and tracked data. We explore the impact of this algorithmic, data-driven management on human workers and work practices in the context of Uber and Lyft, new ridesharing services. Our findings from a qualitative study describe how drivers responded when algorithms assigned work, provided informational support, and evaluated their performance, and how drivers used online forums to socially make sense of the algorithm features. Implications and future work are discussed.


Big Data, Algorithmic Managment, Employment, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Worker Performance, Human Resources, Management


Employment, Algorithms, Automation

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