For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Beyond Women and Economics: Rereading “Women’s Work”"

by Barker, Drucilla K (2005)


Feminist economics is a knowledge project that works toward a feminist transformation of economics. Using gender as an analytical category, feminist economists have shown that unquestioned and unexamined masculinist values are deeply embedded in the theoretical and empirical aspects of economics. Absent feminist analyses, economics rationalizes and naturalizes existing social hierarchies based on gender, race, class, and nation. Although this is especially true of issues particularly germane to women’s lives such as the gender wage gap and the feminization of poverty, it is no less true of issues in international trade or macroeconomics. Gender analyses highlight the asymmetric effects of economic theories and policies that are hidden by conventional theorizing.


Feminist Economics, Feminism, Womens Work, Female Labour, Gender, Gendered Labour, Working Women, Poverty, Wage Gap


Women and Work, Economics

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