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"Why Don't Minority Ethnic Women in Britain Work Part-time?"

by Dale, Angela; Holdsworth, Clare (1998)


Other chapters in this volume compare part-time working between countries. By contrast, this chapter makes comparisons of part-time working between different ethnic groups within the same country. While countries may be broadly classified on the basis of their ‘gender order’ (Connell, 1987; O’Reilly, 1996), gender orders will also differ between ethnic groups. Similarly, while the representation of gender relations within a country will depend upon how the gender order is shaped by institutions such as the family, the state and the workplace (Fagan and O’Reilly, Chapter 1, this volume) these institutions will also shape the relationship of gender and ethnicity within the same country (Anthias and Yuval-Davies, 1993). This chapter therefore provides an opportunity to examine differences in women’s part-time working between ethnic groups which share the same state policies, and to explore some of the reasons for the observed differences.


Part-Time Work, United Kingdom, Gendered Labour, Racialised Labour, Gender, Race, Minority Groups, Sociology, Empirical Study, Family


Ethnic Minority Women, Black Women, Women and Work

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