For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

Feminist Politics and Human Nature

by Jaggar, Alison M (1983)



Key Passage

Informal discrimination is manifested not only in assumptions that women arc not suited to certain sorts of work; it can also be expressed through assumptions that women are particularly well-suited for other sorts of work. Within contemporary society, there are strong expectations, often shared even by women themselves, that women should take primary responsibility for the work involved in raising children and in running a home. Women are also expected to provide sexual satisfaction for their husbands or their male partners. Within the paid labor force, they are expected to perform similar sorts of work, providing sexual titillation if not satisfaction to men and other sorts of nurturing services to men, women and children. (p.177)


Feminism, Gender Theory, Critical Theory, Women And Work, Discrimination, Liberal Feminism


Women and Work

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