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References for Theme: Self-Driving Cars

  • Gittleman, Maury; Monaco, Kristen
    • "Truck-Driving Jobs: Are They Headed for Rapid Elimination?" (2020)
      (p.22) Fears that new technology will lead to massive unemployment are not new, though many researchers contend that this time the outcome will differ because of the potentially powerful effects of computers, robots, and otherdigital technologies. While we have not tried to address the question of what will happen to employment in the economy as a whole, we have examined an important occupation, and one in which employment levels many predict will be hit hard in the not-too-distant future by technologies that were difficult to foresee as recently as a decade or two ago. Our case study of truck drivers suggests, however, that, at least for now,...
    • "Truck-Driving Jobs: Are They Headed for Rapid Elimination?" (2020)
  • Seltz-Axmacher, Stefan
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