For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Agility of Affect in the Quantified Workplace"

by Moore, Phoebe V (2021)


The chapter examines the Quantified Workplace project, which was carried out by a company that fitted sensory algorithmic devices to workers’ computers and bodies that identify agility via data collection, and reveals management practices that track affective and emotional labour, categorized in the project as stress, subjective productivity and wellbeing, thereby identifying workers’ so-called agility. The agile work design method attempts to convert areas of work capacities to facilitate the conversion of labour power into a source of value but through quantification of unseen labour it can also result in alienation and abstraction. Participants’ resistance to participation identified in the Quantified Workplace reveals tensions in the labour process when affect is measured in processes of corporate change.


The Quantified Workplace Project, Algorithmic Management, Algorthmic Tracking, Tracjing, Privacy, Emotional Labor, Agilty


Employment, Platforms, Automation

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