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"From AI to digital transformation: The AI readiness framework"

by Holmstrom, Jonny (2021)


Strategies and means for selecting and implementing digital technologies that realize firms’ goals in digital transformation have been extensively investigated. The recent surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has amplified the need for such investigation, as they are being increasingly used in diverse organizational practices, creating not only new opportunities for digital transformation but also new challenges for managers of digital transformation processes. In this paper I present a framework intended to assist efforts to address one of the first of these challenges: assessment of organizational AI readiness, i.e., an organization’s ability to deploy AI technologies to enable digital transformation, in four key dimensions: technologies, activities, boundaries and goals. I show that it can facilitate analysis of an organization’s current socio-technical AI status, and future prospects for its fuller value-adding socio-technical deployment. The AI readiness framework invites fuller theorizing of the roles that AI can, and will, play in digital transformation.


Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Institutional Change, Sociotechnology



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