For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Employment, work, and industrial revolutions"

by Holland, Peter; Brewster, Chris; Kougiannou, Nadia (2021)


With a focus on five major regions globally (UK, US, Europe, Canada, and Australia) Identifying and Managing Risk at Work outlines key regional factors affecting risk and its management. This volume looks at the social production and social construction of risk as well as taking a labour-process approach and socio-political perspective to investigate the nature and causes of work-related risk. In addition, there are several issues included that contribute to identifying risk at work such as climate change, the "gig" economy and the "Me Too" movement. Readers will gain a picture of some of the major current issues that are affecting risk under globalisation. Drawing on these key aspects of risk, students, academics, practitioners, and policy-makers will gain a better understanding of how risk is conceptualised and identified, and of the roles of management and employees in dealing with risk. This book will be of interest to researchers and practitioners to help gain an understanding of risk for a number of regions, and how several current issues in globalisation can be seen in their risk context.


Labour Process Theory, Policy, Climate Change, Technology, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources



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