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"Labor and Freedom—Comment on Arendt's Critique of Marx's Labor View"

by Hao, Luo (2021)


As a common concern of Arendt and Marx, labor is of fundamental significance in their respective studies. Arendt criticizes Marx's view of labor and thinks that although it is made from the emphasis on freedom, the labor associated with inevitability must not be free in the end. She pursues the road of freedom to political action, advocate "political return "; Marx believes that free labor is dynamic, creative, only free labor can make people achieve free and all-round development, thus on the" beyond politics "pursuit of freedom. Arendt criticizes Marx's view of labor from the perspective of "tradition ", can not see the meaning of his concept based on the present and pointing to the future, and can not understand the true meaning of Marx's view of labor.


Arendt, Marx, Political Action, Creative Work, Freedom


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