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"Artificial Intelligence Impact on the Recruitment Process: A literature Review"

by FraiJ, Jihad; László, Várallyai (2021)


This paper aims to review artificial intelligence (AI) implementation in the Human Resources Management (HRM) recruitment processes. A systematic review was adopted in which academic papers, magazine articles as well as high rated websites with related fields were checked. This study's findings should contribute to the general understanding of AI's impact on the HRM recruitment process. It was impossible to track and cover all topics related to the subject. However, the research methodology seems reasonable and acceptable as it covers a good number of articles related to the core subject area. The results and findings were almost precise that using AI is advantageous in the area of recruitment as technology can serve best in this area. Moreover, time, effort, and boring daily tasks are transformed into computerized, making adequate space for humans to focus on more important subjects related to boosting performance and development. Acquiring automation and cognitive insights as well as cognitive engagement in the recruitment process would make it possible for systems to work similarly to the human brain in terms of data analysis and the ability to build an effective systematic engagement to process the data in an unbiased, efficient and fast way.

Key Passage

AI software was developed to make computers that think logically and behave like humans. HRM has witnessed the efficiency and benefits of AI in the recruitment and hiring processes the ability of AI to adapt to the recruitment has increased rapidly over the last two decades. Recruitment still occurs through traditional methods but is assisted by AI tools and applications. The system helps automate different processes, making decision-making more effective and efficient. The use of AI has improved the hiring process for better quality. Now, HR managers have time to explore HR's bigger picture. Despite advances in technology, however, a major challenge remains in terms of companies' readiness for these new technologies, such as the loss of certain administrative jobs.  (p.116)


Artificial Intelligence, Recruitment, Human Resources, Employment Trends, Human Resources Management


Employment, Automation

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