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"Job Impact on Automation in Accounting: What Will Happen to Job Availability?"

by Bursley, Matthew (2021)


The accounting profession, specifically fields such as bookkeeping and auditing, are unique in that they are so heavily data driven they are one of the professions most at risk of automation. This article examines the impact that automation has had, and might potentially have, on the field of accounting and which specific fields of accounting might be impacted the greatest. It will examine the possibility, if any, of a specific field of accounting being completely replaced by automation programs and software. Furthermore, the article will look at what specific aspects of an accountant’s job role has already been automated. Finally, the article will look at solutions and suggestions that can help accountants prevent themselves from being displaced from the job field.


Accounting, Future Of Work, Technological Unemployment, Job Destruction, Worker Displacement, Frey And Osborne, Economics


Technology, Automation

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