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"Can AI Make Your Job More Interesting?"

by Paschkewitz, John; Patt, Dan (2020)


We are two technologists—researchers, investors, and explorers—who have spent our careers trying to invent or foster the automation of the future. As part of our work at DARPA, charged with framing and realizing long-term disruption, we are wrestling with the future of human-AI teaming and collective activity. But the more we dive into the complexity of mixing humans and AI, the less the common paradigms—teammates, tools,replacements—seem to hold up. Instead, these advances make us rethink the very way we conceptualize intelligence itself. We assert that the correct way to think about AI and the workplace is not as a challenge of management versus labor, or machines versus humans, but as a problem of mediating the interactions among system components: humans, AI, firms. The activity of these dynamic groups will be mediated by intelligent coordination mechanisms that match information transformation and human judgment to produce remarkable outcomes. This evolution will change the character of work and the firm as profoundly as industrial automation did in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with correspondingly profound implications for individuals, businesses, and policy-makers


Automation, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Algorithmic Management, Machine Learning


Employment, Automation

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