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Debates on the centrality of work

"Artificial intelligence and the world of work, a co‐constitutive relationship"

by Østerlund, Carsten; Jarrahi, Mohammad Hossein; Willis, Matthew; Boyd, Karen; Wolf, Christine (2020)


Abstract The use of intelligent machines digital technologies that feature data-driven forms of customization, learning, and autonomous action?is rapidly growing and will continue to impact many industries and domains. This is consequential for communities of researchers, educators, and practitioners concerned with studying, supporting, and educating information professionals. In the face of new developments in artificial intelligence (AI), the research community faces 3 questions: (a) How is AI becoming part of the world of work? (b) How is the world of work becoming part of AI? and (c) How can the information community help address this topic of Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines (WAIM)? This opinion piece considers these 3 questions by drawing on discussion from an engaging 2019 iConference workshop organized by the NSF supported WAIM research coordination network (note:

Key Passage

Exploring AI futures and affordances entails an understanding of not only AI in the world of work but equally important, the world of work in AI. The world of work sneaks into AI in the form of big data feeding the algorithms, data management activities, the bias of past practices, ethics, and governance. (p.3)


Artificial Intelligence, The Future Of Work, Machine Learning, Automation, Digital Technology


Future of Work, AI and Computerisation, Automation

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