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The Democratization of Artificial Intelligence: Net Politics in the Era of Learning Algorithms

by Sudmann, Andreas (2019)


After a long time of neglect, Artificial Intelligence is once again at the center of most of our political, economic, and socio-cultural debates. Recent advances in the field of Artifical Neural Networks have led to a renaissance of dystopian and utopian speculations on an AI-rendered future. Algorithmic technologies are deployed for identifying potential terrorists through vast surveillance networks, for producing sentencing guidelines and recidivism risk profiles in criminal justice systems, for demographic and psychographic targeting of bodies for advertising or propaganda, and more generally for automating the analysis of language, text, and images. Against this background, the aim of this book is to discuss the heterogenous conditions, implications, and effects of modern AI and Internet technologies in terms of their political dimension: What does it mean to critically investigate efforts of net politics in the age of machine learning algorithms?


Democracy, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Aritifical Neural Networks, Utopia, Surveillance, Criminal Justice, Net Politics, Algorithims


Surveillance, Algocracy, Automation

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