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"Twenty-First Century Skills in Finance: Prospects for a Profound Job Transformation"

by Lavrinenko, Alina; Shmatko, Natalia (2019)


This paper analyzes the impact disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, the internet of things, and blockchain, upon conventional banking professions and skill sets. Our conclusions are based upon a large array of data collected over the course of a survey of highly qualified personnel conducted in 2017-2018 using text mining, case studies, and expert interviews. The changing requirements for workers and to their competences were assessed taking into account the level of technological development (including the use of relevant products and services by Russian and international companies) as well as the probability of certain professional skills being substituted by automated solutions in the medium term. The results indicate that impact of technologies upon various functional segments of banks’ operations is varied. While most of the analyzed professions are evolving towards broader functionality, others are sliding into the “obsolete” group. In the next few years, automated systems will take full responsibility for data collection and its initial analysis, though they will not replace bank personnel fully given that they simply remain tools that help boost workers’ productivity and efficiency, extend the information base, accelerate decision-making, cut costs, and reduce risks.


21St Century Skills, Job Automation, Banking, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Finance, Russian, Empirical Research


AI and Finance

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