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"Artificial intelligence in finance: Understanding how automation and machine learning is transforming the financial industry"

by Kunwar, M (2019)


The main aim of this study was to examine the influence of artificial intelligence on modern world, especially in the field of finance. This research focuses on application of artificial intelligence, its challenges, opportunities and its impact on jobs and functions. This thesis consists of the results of qualitative document analysis on the topic of artificial intelligence in finance. The theoretical part of this thesis discussed the general concept including present, past and future of artificial intelligence along with the focus on its benefits and challenges. The researcher likewise investigated the global adoption of artificial intelligence when studying the artificial intelligence investment and start-ups in Europe. The method of data collection used for this thesis was document analysis of qualitative research method. The researcher evaluated twenty electronic documents and publications regarding artificial intelligence in finance. The application and impact of artificial intelligence in finance was explored while studying how artificial intelligence is changing the financial service industry. This study found out that many financial sectors have been benefiting greatly by implementing different artificial intelligence applications. This thesis points that there is lack of skilled talents in the field of artificial intelligence even though several routine and manual tasks performed by humans have been replaced by automation. This research concludes that throughout the value chain in financial services whether it is processing, analytics or investing, there’s going to be more and more technology that can get things done.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Finance, Worker Replacement, Technology


AI and Finance

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