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"Participating in a highly automated society: How artificial intelligence disrupts the job market"

by Vochozka, M; Kliestik, T; Kliestikova, J; others (2018)


We inspect the relevant literature on how artificial intelligence disrupts the job market, providing both quantitative evidence on trends and numerous in-depth empirical examples. Building our argument by drawing on data collected from Accenture, The Economist, Frontier Economics, PitchBook, Tractica, we performed analyses and made estimates regarding the impact of artificial intelligence on industry output: real gross value added in 2035 (US$ trillions), number of AI use cases by industry with high job impact, global merger-and-acquisition activity related to artificial intelligence (number of deals and value, $bn), and the economic impact of AI on countries: annual growth rates by 2035 of gross value added (a close approximation of GDP).


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Empirical Research, Technology, Automaton


Employment, AI and Computerisation, Automation

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