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Invisible Labor: Hidden Work in the Contemporary World

by Crain, Marion; Poster, Winifred; Cherry, Miriam (2016)


Across the world, workers labor without pay for the benefit of profitable businessesÑand it's legal. Labor trends like outsourcing and technology hide some workers, and branding and employer mandates erase others. Invisible workers who remain under-protected by wage laws include retail workers who function as walking billboards and take payment in clothing discounts or prestige; waitstaff at ÒbreastaurantsÓ who conform their bodies to a business model; and inventory stockers at grocery stores who go hungry to complete their shifts. Invisible Labor gathers essays by prominent sociologists and legal scholars to illuminate how and why such labor has been hidden from view.


Invisible Work, Platform Work, Platform Economies, Gig Economies, Hyperflexible Work, Algorithmic Labor, Precarious Work


Employment, Platforms, Automation

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