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"Permanent On-The-Spot Job Creation—The Missing Keynes Plan for Full Employment and Economic Transformation"

by Tcherneva, Pavlina R (2012)


Abstract The paper rejects the conventional view that Keynes had an aggregate demand approach to full employment. Instead, it proposes that he advocated a very specific labor demand targeting approach that would be implemented both in recessions and expansions. Modern policies, which aim to ?close the demand gap? between current and potential output are inconsistent with Keynes's work on theoretical and methodological grounds. There is considerable evidence to suggest that a permanent program for direct or (in his words) ?on-the-spot? job creation is the missing Keynes Plan for full employment and economic transformation. The current crisis presents the social economist with a unique opportunity to set fiscal policy straight along the original Keynesian lines. The paper suggests what specific form such a policy might take.

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Unemployment, Full Employment, Job Guarantee, Keynes


Full Employment, Keynes, Economics

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