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"Degrowth? How About Some “De-alienation”?"

by Brownhill, Leigh; Turner, Terisa E; Kaara, Wahu (2012)


As participants in the ecofeminist, ecosocialist international movement, we have been keenly aware of the repudiation of “growth at all costs,” especially within the climate justice sections of that movement. In the late 1980s, with the publication of her book If Women Counted: A New Feminist Economics, Marilyn Waring popularized quality of life indicators instead of monetized exchanges (Gross Domestic Product, GDP) as (gender-sensitive) measures of progress. Repudiations of growth as the holy grail have multipied since. For instance, the 18 working group reports that came out of the April 2010 Cochabamba conference on climate change and the rights of Mother Earth are heavily inflected with the rejection of over-consumption, of a way of life that equates improvement with “more-more-more,” and especially of excessive extraction of fossil fuels and uranium.

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Degrowth, Feminist Theory, Ecofeminism, Economics, Political Economics, Socialism, Global Justice, Climate Justice



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