For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Au-delà de la féminité et du maternel, le travail du care"

by Molinier, Pascale (2010)


[Translated from the French] The ethics of care, defined in the work of Carol Gilligan in the field of moral developmental psychology, lead the author of this article to adopt a critical stance not only towards justice, but also certain psychological conceptions of femaleness, of the feminine and the maternal, as categories which are norms and all too often used in forms of social stigmatization. This article examines care from the vantage point of five definitions : 1) care as gentleness, 2) care as a discreet form of know-how 3) care as dirty work, 4) care as inestimably valuable work 5) care as the expression of ethics. Each definition allows us to break free from the shackles of care as sentimentalism or female morality and thereby transform representations of carers, thus highlighting the diversity of their experiences and underlining the necessity of surpassing disciplinary divisions if this diversity is to be taken into account.


Molinier, Sociology, Psychology, Psychodynamics, Care, Care Work, Care As Work, Nurse, Nursing, Female Work, Women'S Work, Gendered Labour, Invisible Skills, Invisible Work, Hospital Work, Medicine, Burnout, Mothering Work, Domestic Labour, Family, Meaning Of Work, Ethics, Ethics Of Care


Molinier, Pascale, Psychological Centrality of Work

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