For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Worlds of practice: MacIntyre's challenge to applied ethics"

by Higgins, C (2010)

Key Passage

...internal goods are goods for the practitioner. In practices, we not only have occasion to do good, but to encounter (aspects of) the good and pursue our eudaimonia. Inside each practice are singular resources for answering what MacIntyre calls ‘that most fundamental of questions, ‘‘What sort of person am I to become?’’’.….. Many practices are focused on the welfare of others and all practices direct their practitioner’s attention to something beyond their own ego needs. It must feel wonderful to win a chess tournament or create a magnificent painting, but one achieves such things by an intense absorption not with oneself, but with pawns and pigments, with tactics and strategies in each field of play. Meanwhile, a good realised in a practitioner’s person, work, or performance will be a good for all in the community of practice and may even, under the right conditions, become a good for some outside of the practice. (p.252)


Macintyre. Applied Ethics, Business Ethics, Practice, Worlds Of Practice, Virtue


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