For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Worlds of practice: MacIntyre's challenge to applied ethics"

by Higgins, C (2010)

Key Passage

...practices offer their practitioners distinctive goods of at least four types: outstanding works or performances to appreciate, a rich moral phenomenology to experience, excellences of character to display and on which to rely, and a biographical genre through which to shape a meaningful life.  In contrast to Plato’s utopia, where we emerge from the cave of culture to behold the good itself, MacIntyre’s view is that we learn substantive if partial intimations of the good inside the various human practices. This primary, multifarious ethical education is where we find the raw resources, as it were, for answering the basic ethical questions: what kind of person is most admirable and who should I become? What is worth striving for and what should be my projects? What makes life excellent, meaningful, or rich and how should I give shape to my life as a whole? (p.250)


Macintyre. Applied Ethics, Business Ethics, Practice, Worlds Of Practice, Virtue


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