For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Utopian Families"

by Brenner, Johanna (2000)

Key Passage

"Instead of a political focus on protecting and supporting families, we should argue for expanding, supporting, and reviving communities, and investing resources in local, democratically-controlled institutions for providing care. The entry (both chosen and forced) of women into paid work has drastically undermined the basis for traditional community: the unpaid labour of women. The crisis of care-giving and the burdens on individual family households are a compelling point of entry for a pre-figurative politics which proposes new kinds of sharing relationships and new kinds of public places: like co-housing, community gardens, day-care co-operatives, democratized schools and recreation centres, etc." p. 142 (p.142)


Feminism, Collectivism, Socialism, Socialist-Feminism, Community, Family, Communitarianism, Individualism, Queer Politics, American Context, Familistic Politics, Household Work, Domestic Work, Carework


Utopia, Care Work

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