For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

The Fragmented World of the Social: Essays in Social and Political Philosophy

by Honneth, Axel (1995)


[From publisher] The essays in this book weave together insights and arguments from such diverse traditions as German critical theory, French philosophy and social theory, and recent Anglo-American moral and political theory, offering a unique approach to the political and theoretical consequences of the modernism/​postmodernism discussion. Through an analysis of central themes in classical Marxism and early critical theory, the author shows how recent work in a variety of traditions converges on the need to question familiar distinctions between material production and culture, the public and the private, and the political and the social, and to reconsider the conceptions of agency and power that have informed them.


Politics, German Critical Theory, Critical Theory, French Philosophy, Social Theory, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Marx, Marxism, Material Production, Agency, Power



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