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"Making the Match: Domestic Placement Agencies and the Racialization of Women's Household Work"

by Bakan, Abigail B; Stasiulis, Daiva K (1995)


Introduction: Citizenship and paid domestic labor/Ov VERRECENTYEARS, there has been a notable shift in feminist scholarship regarding women's labor in the home. While research in the 1960s and 1970s focused on the significance for women's oppression of unpaid domestic labor, since the 1980s scholars have devoted more attention to the role of paid domestic service in oppressing minority and working-class women. The growing interest in paid domestic labor reflects a recognition among some feminists that the employment of …

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Domestic Labour, Domestic Worker, Race, Gender, Intersectionality, Womens Work, Female Labour, Domestic Labour, Household, Gendered Labour, Racialised Labour, Minority Groups


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