For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work


by Marx, Karl (1993)

Key Passage

To the degree that labour time -- the mere quantity of labour -- is posited by capital as the soledeterminant element, to that degree does direct labour and its quantity disappear as the determinantprinciple of production -- of the creation of use values -- and is reduced both quantitatively, to a smallerproportion, and qualitatively, as an, of course, indispensable but subordinate moment, compared togeneral scientific labour, technological application of natural sciences, on one side, and to the generalproductive force arising from social combination [Gliederung] in total production on the other side -- acombination which appears as a natural fruit of social labour (although it is a historic product). Capitalthus works towards its own dissolution as the form dominating production. (p.700)


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"Fragment on Machines", Science and Work, Automation


Fowkes, B.



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