For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

The Care of the Self: Volume 3 of the history of sexuality

by Foucault, Michel (1986)

Key Passage

The case of prostitutes is different. Here the analysis setforth by Artemidorus is rather curious: in themselves women,as objects from which one derives pleasure, have a positivevalue; and prostitutes-whom the traditional vocabularysometimes calls "workers"-are there to furnish these pleasures,and they "give themselves without refusing anything. "There is, however, " a little disgrace" i n frequenting suchwomen--disgrace and also expense-which no doubt detractsa little from the value of the event forecast by the dream thatrepresents them. (p.18)


Foucault, Foucauldian, Pleasure, Dreaming, Pleasure, Marriage, Home, House, Family


History of Sexuality, Foucault Citations



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