For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Unreliable Account of Women's Work: Evidence from Latin American Census Statistics"

by De Lattes, Zulma Recchini; Wainerman, Catalina H (1986)


Anyone walking through the commercial areas of Mexico City, Lima, or Quito will be immersed in a crowd of street peddlers-men, women, and children-endlessly offering their merchandise in the streets and markets. A casual observer, driving through the roads of the Caribbean islands or passing through the Bolivian altiplano, will see men, women, and children working in the fields, harvesting a crop, preparing the land for planting, or feeding the pigs. The traveler might also see women spinning or canning goods to offer in the …

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Womens Work, Female Labour, Gender, Gendered Labour, Latin America, Tourism


Women and Work, Non-Western Societies

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