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"Marx and Heidegger on the Technological Domination of Nature"

by Zimmerman, Michael (1979)


A confrontation between the thought of Martin Heidegger and that of Karl Marx is very effective in illuminating important aspects of their fundamentally different interpretations of man and history. In this essay, I want to use the question about the technological domination of humanity and Nature to provide the focus for such an informative, clarifying confrontation.

Key Passage

Both Heidegger and Marx claim that technology is not intrinsically destructive, but at present it is used in exploitative and harmful ways. By "technology,'' I mean all facets of the complex system of production and distribution which emerges with the practical application of calculating, objectifying rationality.  (p.99)


Heidegger, Marx, Nature, Technology, Destruction, Domination


Technology, On Heidegger, Marx

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