For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Women: The Longest Revolution"

by Mitchell, Juliet (1966)


The problem of the subordination of women and the need for their liberation was recognized by all the great socialist thinkers in the 19th century. It is part of the classical heritage of the revolutionary movement. Yet today, in the West, the problem has become a subsidiary, if not an invisible element in the preoccupations of socialists. Perhaps no other major issue has been so forgotten. In England, the cultural heritage of Puritanism, always strong on the Left, contributed to a widespread diffusion of essentially conservative beliefs among many who …


Feminism, Feminist Theory, Marxism, Communism, Family, Gendered Labour, Socialism, Feminist Socialism, Materialist Feminism, Liberation


History of Women and Work, Women and Work

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