For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: The Step Not Beyond

  • Blanchot, Maurice
    • The Step Not Beyond (1992)
      (p.75) The neuter, by its nominal, thus positive, form, allows to be juxtaposed ­makes play themselves out-an affirmation and an indefinite series  of negation: it  does not put them together for a dialecti­cal reversal; this is in fact one of the peculiarities of its contribution, the affirmation by which what is in play would be neither one nor the other-affirmation that endlessly makes an echo of itself to the point of dispersion, dispersion going even to the  very  silence dispersed,-is not really affirmative or operative; its work, which consisted of veiling the other in showing it off under the veil and...
    • The Step Not Beyond (1992)
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