For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: The Ground of the Image

  • Nancy, Jean-Luc
    • The Ground of the Image (2005)
      (p.56) A peasant is a worker who works time-and-place at the same time as the object of his work. It is in this sense that there can be a peasant in the city, a peasant in thought or in art: as the one who not only produces, but who above all cultivates, that is, who makes something come about and lets something grow. The peasant is also the one who is not at all in his work, the one who gives place and time to operations  other  than  his  own,  to  ripenings  and  stretches  of  waiting,  to very ancient buried memories...
    • The Ground of the Image (2005)
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