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Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Being and Truth [1933]

  • Heidegger, Martin
    • Being and Truth (2010)
      (p.162) [Extract from Lecture On 30 January 1933: Kolbenheyer]-We are grateful for the role that spiritual workers of this sort play in life, for  they  are  doing  nothing  but  bringing  to  light  a  perhaps  unintended justification of the most trite reactionary position. The facts demonstrate it: the weightiest objection to the speech and the clearest sign of how questionable  it is, is the  deafening  applause  that  I  do  not  begrudge  Herr Kolbenheyer.8. Whoever has experienced and grasped even the slightest part of the  new  German  reality  that  stands  before  us  must  already know after Kolbenheyer’s first sentences how things stand with his...
    • Being and Truth (2010)
      (p.166) Only insofar as Being is care does a way of Being become possible such as resoluteness, labor, heroism, and so on. But because man has these  possibilities,  he  also  has,  on  the  other  side,  the  possibilities  of innocuousness,  busy-ness,  cowardice,  slavery,  money-grubbing,  and so  on.  These  are  not,  as  it  were,  regrettable  additions.  Only  where there  is  busy-ness  is  there  labor.  Only  on  the  basis  of  this  Being  (as care) is man a historical entity. Care is the condition of possibility for man’s ability to be a political entity.
    • Being and Truth (2010)
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