For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Address to German Students [1933]

  • Heidegger, Martin; Wolin, Richard
    • The Heidegger controversy: A critical reader (1992)
      (p.47) [Excerpt from German Students (November 3, 1933)]-Do not pervert the knowledge you have struggled for into a  vain, selfish possession. Preserve it as the necessary primal possession of the leader [Uhrerischen Menschen] in the völkisch professions of the State. You can no longer be those who merely attend lectures [die nur "Hörenden']. You are obligated to know and act together in the creation of the future university [hohe Schule] of the German spirit. Every one of you must first prove and justify each talent and privilege. That will occur through the force of your aggressive involvement [Einsatz] in the struggle of...
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