For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Rousseau Citations

  • Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
    • Emile, Or On Education (1762)
      (p.195) The state of nature is manual labour. Of all conditions, the artisan’s is the most independent of fortune and men. The artisan depends only on his work. He is as free as the farmer is slave. For the latter is dependent on his field, whose harvest is at another’s direction. The enemy, the prince, a powerful neighbour, or a lawsuit can take this field away from him. By means of this field he can be vexed in countless ways. But wherever they want to vex the artisan, his baggage is soon packed. He takes his hand and goes away. However,...
    • Emile, or On Education (1979)
      (p.55) I will not stop to prove at length the value of manual labour and bodily exercise for strengthening the health and constitution; no one denies it. Nearly all the instances of long life are to be found among the men who have taken most exercise, who have endured fatigue and labour. Neither will I enter into details as to the care I shall take for this alone. It will be clear that it forms such an essential part of my practice that it is enough to get hold of the idea without further explanation. (p.55)
    • Emile, or On Education (1979)
      (p.56) “Temperance and work are the two true doctors of man. Work sharpens his appetite, and temperance prevents him from abusing it.”(p.55)
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