For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Rancière Citations

  • Plato
    • Lysis. Symposium. Gorgias (1925)
      (p.159) (Symposium) And who, let me ask, will gainsay that the composing of all forms of life is Love’s own craft, whereby all creatures are begotten and produced? Again, in artificial manufacture, do we not know that a man who has this god for teacher turns out a brilliant success, whereas he on whom Love has laid no hold is obscure? If Apollo invented archery and medicine and divination, it was under the guidance of Desire and Love; so that he too may be deemed a disciple of Love, as likewise may the Muses in music, Hephaestus in metal-work, Athene in weaving...
  • Rancière, Jacques
    • Modern Times (2017)
      An occupation is not simply the practice of an activity, it is also a way of being in time and space. In this sense, the workday is the everyday necessity that constantly reproduces the division of temporalities which is a division of forms of life. But it is also the concrete flowing of hours and minutes - one after the other – wherein a possible gap can be played out  in relation to that normal reproduction: a possible work of the body and the mind regains, against the constraint of space, the deviation of a gaze that leads thought elsewhere,...
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