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References for Theme: On Hobbes

  • Malabed, Rizalino Noble
  • Marx, Karl
    • Economics Works (1861-1863) (1988)
      (p.87) According to Hobbes science, not operative labour, is the mother of the arts.* "Arts of public use, as fortification, making of engines, and other instruments of war; because they confer to defence and victory, are power; and though the true mother of them be science, namely the mathematics, yet because they are brought into the light, by the hand of the artificer, they be esteemed, the midwife passing with the vulgar for the mother, as his issue" * (Leviathan, in The English Works of ThomasHobbes, EDIT, by Molesworth, Vol. Ill, London, 1839-1844, [p.] 75).The product of mental labour—science—always stands far...
  • Ward, Lee
    • "Equity and political economy in Thomas Hobbes" (2020)
      (p.831) Hobbes clearly recognized the importance of labor in the national economy: “A man’s labour also is a commodity exchangeable for benefit, as well as any other thing” (Lev 24.4.160). However, contra Macpherson, there is no indication that the selling of one’s labor is not subject to the same considerations about price gouging and concentration of wealth that Hobbes raised with respect to corporations and taxes. Moreover, immediately following his statement about a person’s labor being an exchangeable “commodity,” Hobbes referred to small countries that have grown powerful “partly by the labour of trading from one place to another” (Lev 24.4.160)....
    • "Equity and political economy in Thomas Hobbes" (2020)
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