For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Virginia Woolf

  • Nakai, Asako
    • "Materialism, autonomy, intersectionality: revisiting Virginia Woolf through the Wages for Housework perspective" (2022)
      Woolf’s materialist feminism, envisioned in Three Guineas, can be summed up as follows: the material basis is indispensable for women not only to survive but also to voice their independent political opinions. She proposes three strategies for women to take. First, women should assert their right to have access to independent income, and for this purpose should demand that the state pay for their reproductive work that often limits their opportunity to do waged work. Second, they must object to the very wage system – the system of ‘profession’ in Woolf’s terms – which is indeed in complicity with patriarchy,...
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