For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Workfare

  • Attas, Daniel; De-Shalit, Avner
    • "Workfare: the Subjection of Labour" (2004)
      (p.315) The division of labour together with its improved efficiency is responsible for the impoverishment of the labour process. Industrialism has deepened the division of labour as far as it can. The process has somewhat reversed since Henry Ford’s production line and Chaplin’s Modern Times. But such regress is only due to considerations of productivity. Where productivity has diminished, or merely remained unchanged, the process of recombination of labour has come to a halt. In so far as meaningful work may be understood as the opposite of a division of labour, it involves a recombination of labour. We can describe the...
    • "Workfare: the Subjection of Labour" (2004)
      (p.316) In so far as empowerment may be understood as the opposite of a status hierarchy, of the authority structure, it involves the self regulation of employees. We can describe the process as a vertical integration of work.
    • "Workfare: the Subjection of Labour" (2004)
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