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Debates on the centrality of work

References for Theme: Parsons

  • Parsons, Talcott; Shils, Edward
    • Toward a General Theory of Action (1962)
      (p.155) “Because of the paramount significance to any personality of its system of relations to other persons, the institutionalized organization of roles (in relation to significant social objects and through them to cultural and physical objects) is central to the organization of personality itself.”
    • Toward a General Theory of Action (1962)
      (p.19) “Once an organized system of interaction between ego and alter becomes stabilized, they build up reciprocal expectations of each other's action and attitudes which are the nucleus of what may be called role-expectations. Alter expects ego to behave in given situational conditions in certain relatively specific ways, or at least within relatively specific limits”
    • Toward a General Theory of Action (1962)
      (p.26) “Any system of interactive relationships of a plurality of individual actors is a social system. A society is the type of social system which contains within itself all the essential prerequisites for its maintenance as a self-subsistent system. Among the more essential of these prerequisites are (1) organization around the foci of territorial location and kinship, (2) a system for determining functions and allocating facilities and rewards, and (3) integrative structures controlling these allocations and regulating conflicts and competitive processes”.
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